A new video surveillance sistem in Cluj-Napoca by Helinick

Helinick, together with Electrogrup, have won the video surveillance project of Cluj-Napoca, which must improve the safety level of the inhabitants of the most important and dynamic city in Transylvania.  For Helinick,  this it is one of the biggest professional challenges both in terms of integrating the latest technologies and deadlines.  The project will be carried out with the Helinick team (design, installation and maintenance) from Cluj-Napoca.cluj-napoca

It is certainly the most technologically advanced video surveillance project in Romania and includes the most modern and efficient solutions launched by Axis, BriefCAM, Milestone and DELL.

The BriefCam complete Video Content Analytics platform drives exponential value from surveillance system investments by making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. The unique fusion of VIDEO SYNOPSIS and Deep Learning solutions enable rapid video review and search, face recognition, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights.

Here are some technical highlights:  Axis Q1798-LE camera, 4K resolution, 4/3 inch sensor, WDR and LightFinder 2.0, 12-axis-q1798-le-4k-network-camera48mm varifocal, 4X1 optical zoom, IK10, IP66 / 67 launched in 2019 and which is an absolute novelty in the CCTV industry having built-in  a large Canon sensor from the professional camera industry that allows you to capture high-resolution 4k images at exceptional quality and in difficult lighting conditions. Axis Q1700-LE camera for identifying and classifying vehicle registration numbers WITH SPEED UP TO 130KM / H, full HD resolution, 18-137mm varifocal 50 / 60fps, 8X1 optical zoom, IP66 / 67, IK 10.

Designed for large scale high security installations, XProtect Corporate ensures end-to-end protection of video integrity while maximizing hardware performance. Central management, build-in video wall and support for failover recording servers make it ideal for mission-critical installations such as airports and cities.

An integrated software platform from Milestone, the world leader in the field of VMS and incorporating administration, management, storage and LPR licenses.

The server structure, management stations and storage part (2Pb) will be exclusively with equipment provided by DELL.