A safe childhood is the most beautiful gift!

Childhood itself is a kind of little walk in this big world. Although we keep our social distance as individuals, as actors on the education stage, we must get closer and act together.  For most children, kindergarten becomes an extension of their home – and here they receive smiles, attention, education, a pleasant and safe playground.

That’s w-1hy Helinick supports “Compania Mica” Kindergarten, the German kindergarten in Circus Park, with a new complete detection, signaling and fire alarm system.  The purpose of this system is to create maximum safety conditions for children and teachers who will attend courses / pedagogical activities in kindergarten, ensuring the detection and signaling in the shortest possible time of a fire in protected areas, as well as that  to alert personnel, fire crews and any other category of people in the area who can help extinguish the fire and limit its effects.2

The system, designed and installed by the Helinick team, is a fire detection, signaling and alarm system, with a NSC Germany control panel that includes Apollo UK detection elements.  The central idea of the structure of our product range is the complete integration in the system.  From individual modules, integrable in the system and optimally correlated, it was possible to design and realize a complex concept of fire protection, adapted to the required requirements.  We have finally developed a system that ensures operational safety, flexibility and economic efficiency.

We are involved and active in sustaining and supporting the education, safety and health of children, not only through the solutions that our company has been constantly developing for 29 years but also through the support we offer to social groups. We believe that together, constantly and from the heart, by getting involved in such projects, the good is really built!