CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System – a compact, full-featured meeting solution



HELINICK is a leader on the Romanian electronic security and safety market and offers technical assisted aid and turnkey solutions for conference and public addressing systems, but also it is a reliable partner when it comes to designing and installation of the conference systems.

HELINICK proposes the CCS 900 Ultro Conference System, developed by Bosch Security Systems.CCS 9000

CCS 900 Ultro is the ideal solution for different conference halls, small and medium sized, for town halls, commercial centers, local councils, law courts and meeting halls, etc.

The main unit can record the meetings for archiving or publishing and offers all the participants the access to discussions in full safety conditions. It also accepts the addition of additional equipment to meet the requirements of the beneficiary.

Which are the main characteristics of the system?

The system allows the president to manage the discussion, to take the word or to allow one or more participants to talk simultaneously. Also, the operator of such system does not need special training, because it has intuitive, easy to use commands.

Because of the integrated digital recording and playback devices, the user can record and play up to 64 hours of discussions by using a SD card of 2 GB.

Of course, one of the most important qualities of the system is the future expansion one, an option that allows the user to add a wide palette of optional equipment, including the interface with a translation or a public addressing system.

So, there is a series of integration possibilities of the necessary equipment for each event and the HELINICK specialists can supply the best solutions for you.

– A Meeting Management Solution with an Outstanding and Authentic DesignCCS900UltroSystem-Commercial-Brochure-1