CEC Bank – We completed the periodic technical verification of the FM200 gas cylinders

Helinick has successfully completed the project of periodic technical verification1 of FM200 cylinders, which protects against fire the data center of CEC Bank, Bucharest branch.
A successful project, providing  continuity of the operation of the data center throughout the period of the operations of periodic technical verification of the cylinders from the FM200 gas fire extinguishin2g installations, by providing the back-up cylinders offered by Helinick.
Due to the current situation in Romania (COVID 19 virus), the Helinick team intervened at the client’s location at morning hours, precisely following the health security measures.

We thank the project team led by Lupu Mihai Alexandru and Marian Sandulache, as well as to the colleagues who participated in the entire VTP activity (Pasa Danut, Minea Valentin, Olteanu Ionut, Panton George, Niculescu Gabriel and Ionescu Daniel).

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