During December 2013-December 2014, HELINICK SRL, as a beneficiary, sets into motion the project „CRM Call Center HELINICK”. The project is started as part of the “Raising Economic Competitiveness” Sector Operational Plan, priority axis 3 “Communication and Informational Technology for the private and public sectors”, major field of interventions 3 “The support of e-economy”, operation 1 “Support for TIC integrated systems and other business related electronic applications.”.

The project`s general objective is the growth of HELINICK`s activity efficiency.

CRM Call Center HELINICKs specific objectives are:

• optimization of the response time and of solving of clients problems;
• improving the quality of post-sales service offered by HELINICk to its clients;
• reducing the operational costs of the Department of Service and maintenance.

The investment is part of a development strategy for HELINICK towards the substantials improvement of services post-sale wich it offers to its clients through the Department of Service and Maintenance.
The current initiative is a natural continuation of the investments which have already been finalized, specifically the informational system implemented in 2009 which contributes to the planning efficiency and the control of the projects execution processes, as well as the implemented ERP type platform.
The CRM Call Center HELINICK which is to be implemented is a integrated management system for the companys service and maintenance processes, allowing for increased post-sale quality services. The system will manage the whole flux of service and maintenance activities started by the company, making it possible for the client to register, following events in real time, every related activity associated to every individual activity as well as the eventual modifications to the security systems which are a result of the configuration modifications, extensions, which are a part of the current activity.

The project is schduled to take place in several steps:

• the acquisition of the TIC equipment, of the necessary software licenses and application information;
• TIC equipment installation;
• database configuration and implementation; migration and integration of different data structures;
• formal training for the staff which will be using the equipment and the staff which will be responsible for the maintenance of the implemented information solution.

The investment realization indicators are targeting the implementation of a number of 8 functional modules (as part of the informational solution). The result indicators refer to a small number of about 200 beneficiaries (individual companies or institutions) of the new services, which are the result of the current investment.

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