Reman Hall – a new project by Helinick for the Sebes Star Assembly

Star Assembly

In April 2017, a new and complex new project was launched for HELINICK’s portfolio, REMAN-TAUSCHGETRIEBE, ROMANIA Production Hall Star Assemblly part of the Daimler group.
The security concept will be provided by HELINICK specialists and will include the Fire detection and signaling systems, VdS certified by an independent auditor (VdS Cologne), a performance video surveillance system based on indoor and outdoor IP cameras, intrusion detection and signaling system and perimeter protection system based on sensing cable detection And infrared barriers produced by Sorhea.
HELINICK has been selected to build on safety and security systems based on experience gained over time and also due to the right collaboration with Star Transmission/Assemblly during the implementation of fire detection and fire detection systems in other 10 Hale Production in industrial parks in Sebes and Cugir.