Helinick instals KS2000 for P&G Urlati and Schaeffler România Brasov

KS2000 – Extinguishing system for professional kitchens

KS2000 is a compact system, mounted inside the cooker hood, that ensures the extinguishing of an eventual escaped from control fire in a commercial kitchen or a in a restaurant.

An eventual fire has a big probability in a kitchen with high temperature, where food is fried, grilled or hot equipment is used.
The main cause for fire starting in a kitchen is the overheating of the protection that keeps the flammable greases under the auto-igniting temperature (<350grd). The KS2000 system was designed specifically for very large kitchens. The mechanical elements for detecting an eventual fire are actuated when the temperatures about 90¬0C are reached. The extinguishing agent, “FEBRAMAX-S”, is immediately sprayed on the objects that have to be protected, by using the nozzle system. In this way, a sealing layer is formed above the oils or greases and the oxygen cannot feed the fire anymore. In the same time, the greases under this layer are cooled, avoiding in this way a restart of the fire. The extinguishing system is automatically activated by temperature sensors or other fire detection elements and/or manually, by pressing a button. Together with the extinguishing system activation, the kitchen utilities can be cut from voltage feeding. The big advantage of this automated system is the permanent protection against fire, independent from the presence of the personnel. After the extinguishing agent discharge, the activity can be resumed shortly, as the cooking equipment was not affected.