Helinick Update


As a result of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 in our country, starting 10.03.2020 Helinick had elaborated and applied the Business Continuity Plan. Two of the important measures taken by the organization to minimize the risk of spreading this virus were to ensure the conditions for the remote activity and to implement a standard of sanitary in all Helinick’s locations.

About 55% of our colleagues are working remote, from home. The remote system is due to the high-performance IT infrastructure and the applications that Helinick owns. Our “human application” it is also called “George“.

Helinick’s employees who continue to carry out activities in current projects as well as the staff of Service and Maintenance Department who are accomplishing preventive and corrective interventions were trained on the sanitary protection measures. They received the movement permits and they were equipped with sanitary protection materials.

As part of our Business Continuity Plan, we ensure that all processes and activities are working in normal parameters and in safe conditions. During this time, we communicate unitary and coherent with all our employees at least 2 messages per week. In advance, we provide information and support.

Responsibility and Availability are two of the Helinick’s values that allow us to move on this delicate period and be active.