Happy Birthday HELINICK!

On January 4, 2012, HELINICK celebrates 21 years of activity. For us, who are HELINICK, is a happy moment. We feel proud of what the company represent at this point: tradition and quality, originality and creativity, organization and punctuality, transformation and adaptability. Some of our values that are undeniable, supported and confirmed.

The celebration of 21 years of activity was marked by special events dedicated to HELINICK`s team. The loyalty and dedication of employees who have reached 20 years of work was rewarded with gratitude and esteem from colleagues.

2011 was a year full of opportunities and helped us to prepare ourselves better for the future. We have developed new systems, new procedures. In the 21 years of activity we have created a name and an image of safety and security integration systems, making our numbers going up from year to year.

This has been possible due to outstanding people for which HELINICK is more than a job. Their passion and dedication brought us, new HELINICK team at the beautiful age of 21 years.
Happy Birthday!