Lenel System International (part of UTC Climate, Control and Security) was informing its clients, as the beneficiaries of Casi Rusco and Infographics systems-based access solutions, on the possible migration to the integrated security platform OnGuard – the “open platform” type -, a security management application.
Some of the systems included in the migration program are: Picture Perfect, Facility Commander Wnx, Diamond II, Sapphire, Topaz and Summit.
These systems migration is part of a larger restructuring, leveling and consolidation plan of the security platforms offered under LENEL (UTC) brand, aiming to bring the integrated systems from UTC portfolio under the same software platform and to reduce the support for the equipment and systems part of previous generations or from the producers aquired by UTC.
The migration of these systems to OnGuard platform is based on the „open platform” concept, allowing the integration within the same software interface of over 100 producers and more than 200 products. OnGuard is a platform that significantly simplifies and improves the users experience, being a platform basically oriented towards the intuitive operation and having a richfull features range, which all the migration clients will beneficiate from.
The migration to the new Onguard software platform will allow the users to keep the current infrastructure (cards, readers, access control units, cabling), having a minimum impact on the hardware equipment. For ensuring the compatibility at the software level, the migration process can include only a firmware upgrade at the access control interfaces level.
Lenel migration strategy is based on four key elements:
• minimum migration costs – including zero costs for OnGuard application, for those clients holding a valid Service and Maintenance Contract;
• easy transition – without system security failures, the actual migration being carried out in a short time and benefiting from the cards, users, access rights migration tools, etc.;
• minimum risk – thanks to a detailed understanding of each system;
• partnership with the integrated security systems leader, with an experienced team for the technical support, professional services and an active involvement on the security market by authorized integrators.
HELINICK is an authorized representative (VAR) of UTC LENEL, PLATINUM CERTIFIED, for installing and integration of LENEL ONGUARD platform in Romania. For identifying the optimum migration path to the new OnGuard platform, please contact us at