Dear Partners,

During a professional’s life it comes a time when reaching the peak of the profession, after an exceptional career path, one comes to the decision to change paths or to engage in new business challenges.
Today, this moment has come for Alex Grigore. Alex started his career at Helinick on 11th September 2001 as sales assistant. Later on he was promoted as Head of the Project Management Department while during the past 5 years he fulfilled the position of Sales Manager. His name and career at Helinick are closely linked to some of the most important achievements and complex contracts (Petrom, MAE, ING Bank, IBM, etc.). These contracts made a spectacular contribution to Helinick’s growth and helped our company achieve a leading position within the Electronic Safety and Security market in Romania.
Alex was not only a Team Leader but also a team player who built and developed straightforward and fair relationships with his colleagues. Also, Alex represented our company in relation with our clients and suppliers, to the highest professional standards. Alex’s career path in Helinich, where he improved his professional life continuously, is only mirrored by his personal life, where he enjoys a beautiful wife and two lovely children. It is the first time in 22 years since Helinick was established, that we “lose” such a high-level employee. However, we are glad that we fulfilled a promise made to our employees: “our company will contribute decisively the growth and professional development of each of our employees”. After more than 11 years, Alex decided to take on new challenges. Starting 1st February, Alex will begin a new adventure as an entrepreneur.
We wish Alex all the best in his future endeavor and we are looking forward to cooperating with in the future.

Every ending is also a new beginning!

Ioan Marius Retegan
Executive Director