„Once upon a time in Romania and now in Texas”

Ovidiu Ciurte, Mihai Gheorghe&Vlad Craciunescu made glory at MIPS-2017 in San Antonio, TEXAS.
Milestone hosted its 12th annual Miestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) event at JW Marriot San Antonio Hill County resort, Feb 13-16, 2017.
Milestone’s open platform approach to VMS and robust peripheral technology solutions allow for building a true community of businesses that leverage innovation at very past pace. Five companies competed for a prize of 50.000 USD to help them move their technology ideas forward. Parking Spotter was the winner, and their unique app leverages IP cameras to find you a parking spot. Call it a functional approach to using a community’s IP video sources more efficiently. Behind the Parking Spotter there are few month of Ovidiu Ciurte passional&enthusiastic work. Personal ideas and the team work (Ovidiu were assisted in San Antonio by Mihai Gheorghe and Vlad Craciunescu) made a unique succes story. According with Helinick values Ovidiu, Mihai and Vlad put innovation, availability & responsability as first priorities and they won.

We, especially myself, are very proud of them!
Thank you Ovidiu!
Thank you Mihai and Vlad!
Marius Retegan