Helinick develops a complex video surveillance system for City of Petrila

primaria-petrila1The people of Petrila will be monitored and recorded non-stop by High Resolution IP Video Surveillance System video surveillance system – SANYO Japan & MILESTONE Denmark.

In the city will be installed 40 IP HD megapixel cameras, designed for traffic surveillance, prevention of vandalism, looting and an effective intervention in these points through effective coordination of field crews.

The contract provides for the supply of technological and functional equipments and also the execution of video surveillance system by the City Council of Petrila goals, to raise quality and safety of residents by reducing crime in the area.

It must be mentioned that such a centralized oversight induce a psychological effect in the perception of traffic participants especially on the possible villains ensuring safety population growth.
The Helinick specialists provided a complex video surveillance solution the video equipment is integrated in a matrix within the dispatch and it records images 24/24.