Starting with March 8th 2010, IKEA Romania is part of IKEA Group, after 3 years of operating under local franchise, previously granted by Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
On September 2010, IKEA Romania announced the intention to completely replace the fire detection and alarming system that was previously installed.

After evaluation different systems, IKEA Romania decided to install detection and alarming equipment produced by APOLLO FIRE DETECTORS Ltd, recognizing the unique characteristics and technologic quality that Discovery range has:

  • sophisticated detection algorithms according to EN 54 to avoid false alarms
  • automatic sensitivity compensation according to installation zone
  • extremely fast response time
  • the possibility to function in an extremely wide range of temperatures

Since 14.04.2011 Helinick is providing safety equipments for the Swedish furniture retailer and interior design, following to ensure the commissioning of the system and training the personnel who will use the system.