S&M services for US AirBase, Mihail Kogalniceanu

In August 2014 HELINICK Service and Maintenance Department was selected as supplier for repair and restore service conditions for Integrated Security Systems (Fire detection and sprinklers) to U.S. AirBase, Kogalniceanu.
Service and maintenance operations started in August 2014 and were completed in the requested dateline.
Our Integrated Security Systems implemented by our professional team comprises the following 42 fire alarm control panels by Honeywell ESSER, managed into integrated system trough addressable communication management software WINMAG.
The S&M HELINICK activity provide a link in “real time” with the client, allowing resolution in a very short time the requests for intervention corrective, preventive maintenance and “upgrade” systems according to business development clients or major change of technology electronic security industry or software.
User system that serves the military asks is “Fire Department” of the U.S. Force.