S&M HELINICK in partnership with Afi Palace Cotroceni

Afi Palace Cotroceni chose Helinick service and maintenance services for Integrated Security Sistems with Bosch BIS*. The main purpose of the signed maintenance contract is to ensure the optimum system for a long period of time. This includes periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of components that fail over time.
We are talking about an Integrated Security System installed by Helinick: Fire Detection Systems, Intrusion, Access Control, CCTV and Sound Systems. It is our first project with Integration Platform (BIS) *Bosch Romania.
*Building Integration System (BIS) is a management system for safety and security systems that can run on computers with Microsoft Windows operating system. The software is able to manage and order a wide range of security and safety, based on a common platform. The software provides operator control functions and creates the possibility of its quick response in case of an event. BIS is designed in a modular structure which contains the license to which additional licenses can be added according to customer needs.

S&M HELINICK offers in additional range of service and maintenance activities through services like T-Call Center, R-Service Center, Helpdesk Ticketing and Tracking fleet monitoring. Thus, we have succeeded to not only reduce the feedback, action and repair time but also we have an increase of the satisfaction level of our Customers.