Helinick Retail Solutions (EAS)

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems by HELINICK are designed to help retailers boost their sales and protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft. Having the right product available in the right place at the right time is essential for retailers seeking to enhance the in-store shopping experience and increase sales. In order to do this, retailers need to have a complete solution in place to deter theft, deactivate merchandise and detect stolen items quickly and efficiently.
HELINICK EAS solution also enables remote achieve through password access, real-time monitoring of functional parameters EAS system and service and maintenance activities, setting and programming EAS system trough R-Service Center HELINICK.
HELINICK offers a wide range of EAS solutions which can not only provide a store with a secure, open merchandising environment, but also improve supply chain efficiencies, provide data on visitors in-store and promote your marketing messaging.
Wide range of design, masking ability for marketing, intelligent control sensitivity, interference detection devices, distinguishes the alarm input or output, bicolour double light (two antennas) in alarm, numbers, timing and deactivators system headers to eliminate faults are just a few features of this system.
Cross Point systems feature the latest technology offering features that add value protection solution whether it is just a store, a network of national or international stores.