Helinick is an integrator of electronic security and safety platforms

We provide turn-key top quality solutions and services, tailored to each client’s needs. Understanding the clients and finding the right solutions guarantees our performance and provides security, and when it comes to solutions, professional training, technology and quality services are essential.

HELINICK: Leader in Electronic Security – Protecting Every Space to Premium Standards

HELINICK is a leader in providing electronic security solutions, offering personalized services tailored to the needs of each client.

From intrusion detection systems to complex access control and video surveillance solutions, we ensure every space is protected to the highest standards.

If you wish to benefit from our expertise and ensure your property or business is in safe hands, please contact us.

    Electronic Security

    We cover the field of medium and high security systems for the prevention, detection, alarm and post – event analysis, in collaboration with the contractors and the beneficiaries of such solutions in all phases of the project’s execution.

    Intrusion detection systems

    The systems for intrusion detection and alarm ensure the entire security process starting with detecting the intrusion attempts, warning, alarm, until the transmission of the events to a security call centre.


    All these functions are fulfilled with the involvement of environmental, human and technological factors for a careful analysis of the systems.


    The experience in designing, installing and maintenance of intrusion detection systems allows us to choose the best solutions adapted to each particular situation, by using technologies that fulfil all functions specific to such a system.
    The property break detection and alarm systems that are designed and installed by us aim to fulfil the demands of medium and high security applications.
    Within the implementation of such systems we always choose professional equipments, with a low rate of false alarms, easy to use and providing extended features.

    Detection and alarm intrusion systems migrate to a complex solution, which is integrated with access control systems, video monitoring, perimeter detection, which allows the unitary treatment of an event, and thus, a user has the possibility to accurately determine the causes and consequences of a security related event.

    Access control systems

    The electronic access control systems became an important component of any integrated security system both physically (hardware) and logically (software).

    The access control systems may be interconnected to the existent systems or they may ensure an infrastructure for future systems.

    Physical access control systems

    These systems ensure all access identification and restriction functions by using specific elements and principles with the help of the following technologies: electro mechanic, electronic, IT (networking, database, specialized applications), biometric, smart cards, visitor management, badge personalization, monitoring people and goods, Guard-Tour systems.

    Entrance systems

    The entry systems represent the first physical barrier on the access path. These block, restrict or filter the access and are specific for each application type. These equipments have an efficient control over the persons that enter into a secure space, allowing different security and protection levels and adjusting to different spaces where they are mounted.

    Logic access control systems

    At the same time with access monitoring in physical spaces, more and more companies try to unify, under the concept of identity, all aspects involved into the access, not just to physical resources (doors, barriers, pay gates, etc), but also to logical resources (data network, files, computers, etc).
    We meet such requirements by providing integrated solutions that use common components and concepts to the two access control systems: physical and logical.

    Time & attendance systems

    The time management systems allows cost optimization in time, money and resources. These systems may be independent or connected to the access control systems by means of one database.

    Ticketing & parking systems

    They are special systems addressed to applications with a great number of participants, which may work stand-alone or along with other online applications for ticket issuance and for management of a great flow of people. Typical applications: common transport, stadiums, sport rooms, concerts, etc.

    Closed – circuit TV systems

    The importance and the major benefits of IP video systems consists of an increased flexibility in storing, transmitting, monitoring and analyzing the video content in relation with the classic analogue or hybrid systems.

    These systems which are based on video data streams transmission are also used for additional functions associated with information transmission under the form of data and not under the form of analog video signal. Based on newest technologies and tested in time by IT industry, IP video systems that we designed and installed benefited from these advantages in order to reach to multiple features that impose their choice for ‘high security’ applications or security integrated applications. The application range of IP video systems extends beyond the borders of security systems. The complete digital system (video IP system) is the fourth generation system, based on network technologies and TCP/IP protocols. Compared to the second and third generation systems, this system type offers advantages that represent a real option for the companies that require the installation of a video monitoring system.

    Perimeter detection systems

    The perimeter detection systems that we design and install meet the requirements imposed by the most various high security applications.

    The perimeter detection systems impose a detailed analysis of the risk factors that may lead to the advent of security openings into the perimeter, of environmental conditions in which the system will work, of the installation conditions and preparing the land and physical security barriers, of the system’s operating and maintenance conditions.

    These are systems that use both commercial technologies and military conditions: IR detectors/ barriers, microwave detectors/ barriers, vibration sensors, sensitive cables (RF or FO), pre-stressed cable systems, radar systems with integrated video cameras.

    Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

    Using the electronic product anti – theft systems (EAS) and using the information regarding the activities carried out into the store represent a solution for minimizing losses.

    For the accomplishment of this target, our EAS system offer contains the entire range of technologies (Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic & Acoustomagnetic), completed with the software platform that integrates systems such as: people counter, anti – break, access control and video monitoring.
    The information supplied by the people counter system or access control system is available on the internet.

    The alarms are recorded by the video monitoring system and the images are available without searching into the entire registration.

    Thus, all useful data are collected for taking the decisions related to optimization of the activities carried out into the store and to accurate the sales.

    The main characteristics of such a system are the following: availability by means of standard web browser, monitoring the access control systems and video monitoring, simple integration with the existent management systems and full control over the activities carried out into the store, by report generation.