Helinick is an integrator of electronic security and safety platforms

We provide turn-key top quality solutions and services, tailored to each client’s needs. Understanding the clients and finding the right solutions guarantees our performance and provides security, and when it comes to solutions, professional training, technology and quality services are essential.


We ensure the system’s communication, power supply and dispatcher room design for all the security and safety systems and solutions.

The telecommunication systems are based upon a network – copper or optical fibre infrastructure, ensuring the band width that is necessary to transmit audio, video and data signals.

Power supply systems

Within the operation of specific security and safety systems we use power supply systems designed and installed in maximum reliability conditions by using equipments aimed to support the capacity for supply and transmission of electric energy, ceaseless operation and to ensure the mandatory redundancy for the security and safe systems.

Safety call centres

We equip the control rooms and monitoring call centres for an optimal management of security and safety systems.