4K UHD technology in Romania through Helinick

Helinick, official partner NEC, is unique in the market to take advantage of the 4K UHD revolution by offering products and solutions from smaller desktop sizes to larger format displays, with even powerful laser projectors for the largest image demands.
NEC roll out new standards with the upcoming NEC MultiSync® X841UHD and X981UHD display models. These displays set the benchmark for image size and quality by providing an 84”and 98” image size with Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution guaranteed to capture the undivided attention of the target audience. Loaded with innovative features and high end components, these models deliver a complete package for all kinds of demanding professional applications, like 24/7 control room, post production review, CAD/CAM, simulation, medical review, multisource conferencing, life-size retail signage and more.
NEC is a Japanese brand with a history of over 100 years, which is distinguished by the high standards of product quality, meeting the market demands today and every day by providing the best image.
NEC products are successfully used worldwide in airports, hospitals, sports arenas, educational institutions and the business, where performance is critical.