Integrated Security Sistems for CN TRANSELECTRICA SA

HELINICK signs a new contract for Integrated Security Sistems in 13 electric transformer stations for TRANSELECTRICA SA. The contract is part of the fourth stage of securing power stations run by TRANSELECTRICA SA , and in earlier stages is securing a total of 60 electric transformer stations (15 in stage Ia, 20 in stage II and 25 in stage III).

The contract includes suppling , installation and commissioning of the following security subsystems :

Perimeter protection subsystem
Computerized access control subsystem
Subsystem closed circuit TV
Signaling subsystem attempted burglary and assault
Subsystem signaling the beginning of fire
Subsystem to locate and extinguish fire automatically in computer equipment
Dispatch computer.
By implementing this project, TRANSELECTRICA SA wishes to reduce fraud and unauthorized access attempts in electric substations , monitoring and video surveillance , signaling the beginning of the fire, automatic extinguishing a fire started in the room where they are installed computer equipment and data .
Transelectrica is the company that manages and operates the electricity transmission system and provides electricity trade between Central and Eastern European countries, as a member of ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission and System Operators for Electricity).
It is the first company of its kind in SE Europe that was integrated into the UCTE (Union for the control of Transport of Electricity) and ETSO (European Association of Transmission and System Operators), both of them being specialized structures of the European Union.
Transelectrica is responsible for the electricity transmission, system and market operation, providing security of the National Electroenergetic System (NES). Also, it is the main link between the demand and supply of electricity, constantly balancing the energy production with the demand.