Verint Situational Awareness Platform presented at the Smart Cities event


Verint Situational Awareness Platform

Government and commercial organizations, in connection with safe city, border control, transportation security, critical infrastructure, and other large-scale security initiatives, are interested in improving security by deploying innovative security solutions that enhance situational awareness while fusing data from a wide range of security systems, including video and non-video sensors—such as audio, social media, access control, and intrusion detection. By aggregating data from multiple sensors, situational awareness solutions enable efficient information correlation and analysis; rapid, rules-based alerts and action; and the ability to share information easily within and across agencies to facilitate timely response and investigation. 

A Unified Solution for Boosting Awareness

Today’s enterprises use a variety of security, life safety and business optimization systems, with each of these programs requiring operators to view the applications separately. To help streamline operations and enhance safety, operators need a unified view of all networked assets. Bringing multiple systems together, Verint Situational Awareness Platform™ can combine information from numerous sources to increase operational efficiencies and responsiveness enterprise-wide. The Verint Situational Awareness Platform can unify a range of new and existing sensors and systems into a centralized environment. This provides operators with knowledge and understanding of the current situation and promotes timely, relevant and accurate assessment in order to facilitate decision making.situational-awareness-screencap

Multiple devices and solutions can be integrated by leveraging Verint Situational Awareness Platform, including mobile phones used by responders or by everyday citizens, GPS tracking, CAD, mass notification, license/number plate recognition, face recognition, weather, radar, identity, access control, panic alarms, intrusion detection, fire, video management and video analytics. The platform can enable integration not only with Verint’s extensively used video management systems, Verint Enterprise Video Management Software™ and Verint Edge VMS®, but also with third-party video management systems and network video recorders. The solution can further incorporate information from various external databases and legacy systems, which often contain relevant data to complete the security picture. Verint’s solution uses a GIS-based engine to correlate sensors, maps and events together to provide operators with a unified and easy-to-use interface for all phases of situation management.

Develop Security Visibility Through a Common Operating Picturesituational-intelligence-screencap-2

As a centralized resource, Verint Situational Awareness Platform helps maximize analysis, response, investigation, evidence gathering, incident reconstruction and debriefing. Reports and dashboards enable better planning and coordination across agencies with accurate operational metrics. The open platform and centralized system can embed standard operating procedures based on each enterprise’s specificDSC_3187 policies and regulations. And, to help ensure efficiency, the solution is intuitive, and facilitates multi-tasking and multi-user/agency collaboration.

About Verint

Verint (Nasdaq: VRNT) is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions that empower organizations with crucial insights, enabling decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take action. Today, over 10,000 organizations in more than 180 countries, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100, use Verint solutions to optimize customer engagement and make the world a safer place.

Helinick and Verint

Through its partnership with Verint, Helinick specialists can offer the ability to implement the suite of applications and customize the solution according to the specifics and needs of the projects.